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“Did I happen to mention that I live in a 50 story high rise?  In a building that massive, everyday is moving day, so I wasn’t all that surprised to see the tell tale boxes and blankets piled off the elevator on our landing Tuesday morning.  The movers were working on the opposite end of the hall carefully wrapping an exquisite gilded headboard so chic and stylish I knew that it had to belong to my decorator neighbor Jennifer.  Jennifer and I would sometimes meet up at the elevator on the way to walk our dogs and talk a little design business on the way down.  Her office was in midtown and she would take her cute little pug with her to work in the mornings.  I was sad to see my friendly neighbor leave and went to wish her luck. She met me at the door with fantastic tan and a look of blissful calm; she had just come home from Mustique where she had been working.  A wave of envy over took me! As sometimes happens when you say your goodbyes, I found out that Jennifer co-owns a design furnishing store on the island, Across Home Forever and does much of the interior design for the chic island homes.  Intrigued, I went to her website (Jennifer Bradford Davis) and was wowed!  Her portfolio showcases her love of exotic island design with a careful paring of organic elements and sophisticated architectural design. I was especially smitten with her portfolio of tablescapes–gorgeous settings that display a unique layering of natural materials and rich textures in delicate water and earth tones.  Beautiful inspiration for January!”

See blog post: http://hamptonhostess.blogspot.com/2011/01/howdy-neighbor.html

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