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Ocean Breeze: Shipping Nightmares

When shipping anything to Mustique, it’s safe to assume that anything you can imagine (and probably a variety of things that you can’t) can and will go wrong. As I’ve mentioned before, there are numerous design conundrums that come into play when you’re working on a remote private island like Mustique that just don’t exist [...]

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Ocean Breeze: the Beginning


Ocean Breeze was the incredible project that served as my introduction to Mustique. I was working for Peter Marino at the time and during this period he was working almost exclusively on these incredibly large scale homes, 30,000 square feet and up, so he sent me to take care of his client Linda de Pecciotto [...]

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Decorating on the Edge: Design Adventures on Mustique

  My job is nothing if not an adventure. I like to think of myself as the Indiana Jones (Indiana Joness?) of interior design, which is what feels like sometime wrangling furniture and supplies for the homes I design on the fabulous but remote island of Mustique. It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been over [...]

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