Windex Be Gone!

Most of the houses I’ve worked on in Mustique come equipped with a full, dedicated staff to do everything from cooking the meals to cleaning the house to bringing the lucky guests their mid-day poolside margarita. Most of us have to do our own household chores of course but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little bit of luxury into the equation! Most cleaning products come in utilitarian plastic packaging that is ugly, thoughtless and just plain no fun! Who could get excited about a Windex bottle?

One day many years ago I was at my mother’s house and stumbled upon one of her beautiful old perfume bottles, the glass kind with the atomizer pump and tassel attached to it. She always had a collection of them on her dresser when I was young and this one still worked. It  made me reflect on how women had so much more time to luxuriate in her generation and taking your time was not considered criminal. Even the act of applying perfume was done with more flair! Then it dawned on me. I should replace my boring Windex bottle with this little treasure, Sure, it might not hold quite as much (since people didn’t buy perfume in bulk size at Costco in the 1950s) but not only would it make the chore of wiping up the finger prints on my mirror a little more whimsical, it would look so much nicer in the cabinet. In fact, I could even leave it out on the counter the way my mother did with her fabulous perfume bottles.

I’ve been storing my window cleaner like this for years and I take it even a step further by actually adding a little perfume or something scented to the Windex so it doesn’t have such a strong cleaning supply smell. Naturally I wanted to share this little cleaning secret with you but I also wondered how easy it would be to find a bottle to use, after all not everyone has a chic and fabulous mother whose closet they can raid. But wouldn’t you know it? Ebay has about a million antique perfume bottles! I’ve included images here of some rather exquisite examples I found in my search.

Of course, this chic bottling technique need not only be used for Windex. If you’re having a dinner party and want to wipe up a spill without walking around with a big spray bottle of clorox cleanup and making the culprit feel like an idiot, imagine how much more discrete a tiny perfume bottle of cleaner would be. And if you’re like me, you’ll have fond recollections of your mom every time you use it.

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