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Mustique’s Early History

  I wanted to back up for a few moments and tell you a little bit more about the history of the fabulous island where I spend so much of my time. Since the island rarely allows press to visit, Mustique hasn’t been talked about very much other than to mention the who’s who of [...]

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Windex Be Gone!

Most of the houses I’ve worked on in Mustique come equipped with a full, dedicated staff to do everything from cooking the meals to cleaning the house to bringing the lucky guests their mid-day poolside margarita. Most of us have to do our own household chores of course but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring [...]

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Monica and Walter Noel hailed from Greenwich, CT. They had purchased a giant home called Discovery. It looked like a set from a James Bond movie á la the reign of Roger Moore. The bedroom had open construction walls and a pool in it that connected directly into the living room, providing a convenient view. [...]

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